Thursday, December 21, 2006

My PS3 has shipped w/ ONE day delivery

Sony came through and shipped my PS3 today with ONE day delivery, so I'm due to get it tomorrow (Friday)! From my unpleasantly-self-satisifed-and-gloating email to friends:

So, I go to the Sony site and see my PS3 has shipped, but not only that, it was shipped via Fed-Ex ONE day and will be here FRIDAY, estimated time of delivery being 10:30AM. I gave a little-girl shriek and started clapping my hands. Russ was not impressed with my less than manly outburst, but I'm all excited now.

I have Resistance: Fall of Man to play, and the third X-Men movie to watch on blu-ray. I'll try to get one other game tomorrow while I'm out doing my last-minute Xmas shopping. (Yes, I plan to make sure it arrives, then go shopping before coming home and playing with it. Once something is in my possession I like to prolong the first use as long as possible....)

Ok, true confession time: In my original e-mail to them I said I have "Gears of War" to play, instead of "Resistance: Fall of Man". Ooops. (Yes, I do have a 360 too. I think GoW is beautiful, but I find the gameplay a tad to repetitive to recommend wholeheartedly...)

Snagging a PS3

I was trying to get a PS3 using the TechBargains and other search sites, but not having much luck. By the time I saw that site x had some available, I'd go there to their now-obviously-swamped site and get nothing. Plus, most of them were selling these heinous bundles trying to shove a bunch of hateful games down your throat, or make you pick 10 accessories to buy (out of a list of 12 or so....).

So, I came up with the strategy of just checking sites offering *unbundled* PS3s myself when they were listed as OUT of stock, figuring I'd have some slight chance to beat others to newly released systems. And, two days ago, my strategy WORKED! I went to the Sony Style site (supposedly out-of-stock according to all the monitoring sites), and much to my delight I saw the 'Add to Cart' button on the 60G PS3 screen! I rushed through and actually completed the transaction!

Not only did I get it unbundled for list at $599, but I got FREE 2-day shipping!