Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I need an avatar!

I got this from the Catprin site. I intend to use it on some forums that require a URL for your avatar image, so I'm sticking it here to do that. So, before you ask, NO, that is not one of my cats, and I would never do such a thing to one of my cats. Except maybe when they spill my soda bottle on me. Then anything is possible....

Vanguard: Much improved and soon to launch!

Over the last couple weeks I've been playing the Vanguard beta, and have been amazed at the numerous patches coming out for it. The team at Sigil is obviously working very hard at making this game fun to play while having a rich set of things to see and do, and they seem to be succeeding!

For those who pre-order there is early access starting this Friday, and the game officially goes live on the 30th. I'm very much looking forward to entering their world "for real" this Friday.

Look for Binter Cairn on Florindyl server......