Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Joy of a Good Robe

Every once in a while I have what I call a 'bathrobe day'. No going out, nothing strenuous....the whole day is spent wearing the comfiest bathrobe possible....a day of supreme laziness. Today is a bathrobe day.

Friday was spent at a friend's wedding (congrats to Dan and Jen!) in Dover NH, with the reception in Ogunquit. The next day we had a family gathering nearby, so Russ and I stayed at the Ogunquit Plantation in Ogunquit. The gathering didn't get going until the afternoon, so we shopped at the outlets in Kittery before then. Russ may be the shopping fiend, but I ended up being the one buying everything, not him. One of the things I bought was a big big comfy new bathrobe.

Being somewhat tall (around 6'2"), most bathrobes just come to my knees. But we went to the 'Big and Tall' store and I got this roomy robe that goes all the way to my ankles, and the sleeves drop below my hands. It's nice and thick too. This is going to be great come winter. Today is a test run, just to be sure...

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