Monday, November 21, 2005

Tomorrow morning looms

Scott and I are going over to a local EB and plan to get there 30 to 45 minutes before they open at 8am. We both have 360's waiting for us, so there's no rush, but we do want to get in then out relatively quickly so we can get home and start gaming.

Of course the main attraction are the 2 games I got, but there a few minor features I'm looking forward to:

- Being able to send voicemail to other friends online
- Being able to chat with friends even though we're playing different games
- Hooking my iPod up to the 360
- Streaming video from my Media Center laptop to it. It's a big pain having to connect and disconnect all the cables everytime I want to plug the laptop in to the cable box/tv/receiver/etc., and this way all I have to do is hook/unhook to the cable box and let the 360 use the wireless network to play the recorded shows. I haven't used the laptop's Media Center capabilities much because of the awkwardness of it, but this just might make it much more convenient.

The next post tomorrow morning will be some first impressions....

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