Saturday, June 17, 2006

Maybe this time?

Okay, so this and my other blog have been idle for quite some time. I'm starting yet another attempt to resurrect them and actually post on a regular basis. I'll start with this one, my general 'whatever I feel like indulgently rambling on about' blog. I don't have anything specific to post about at the moment, but am just making a post to put the thought in my head.

I've recently been seeing/hearing/reading about things that I thought would fuel a good blog post, but was just too frickin' lazy (as usual) to do anything about it. So, here I go again, with another attempt.

Russ and I are going to see a play tonight in Watertown, MA. Afterwards we're going to a nearby Best Buy to see if they have a cheap 1080p TV (don't laugh, Westinghouse actually has a couple!) that may be worth buying. I'll try to follow through with a post or two tonight....

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