Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Shape of Things

Okay, so I didn't post last night, but at least I'm posting the next day. We went to see 'The Shape of Things' at the (relatively) new Arsenal center for the performing arts in Watertown. I wasn't too fond of it. There were some choices they made in how they did the piece that I'm not sure were the best, but even more importantly I'm not overly fond of the play itself. Overall their production was fine, but I didn't really enjoy it at any point, other than a few moments here and there.

The movie version is available in Comcast's "On Demand" area, and I watched the first 15 minutes or so of it. It affirmed my sense that there were certain choices made in the particular production we saw that I thought weakened it (Evelyn needed to be more the artsy/quirky/creative type, and not just very pretty. Adam was likeable but overly tic-ridden and twitchy, and didn't show enough of a change in personality (just a decrease in the tics/twitches) over the course of the play.) But, watching the movie confirmed that I'm still not fond of the story itself, even when done by its writer.

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